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Connecting Classrooms EVEN

Equality & Values Everywhere Network

The Levenmouth Connecting Classrooms Cluster

12 educational organisations are making a Connecting Classrooms for Global Learning network. We have called it EVEN (Equality & Values Everywhere Network). We will gradually get to know each other. It's going to be fantastic and we'll work towards a meaningful partnership despite the coronavirus pandemic.



The first step on our journey is on the "Getting to know you" page. We will start with a small pen-pal project to exchange messages and find suitable pen-friends which will hopefully last a long time!  In a gradual way, we will establish a peer-peer network, pupils will get to know each other. We will set meaningful goals together in a spirit of equality and friendship. Click here to visit the page.

     We will then plan and decide how best to adapt British Council resource (see button below) to create a collaborative project on Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship. 

Collaborative Project 2: Sustainable Development and Global Learning

To be decided! 

The Organisations in our Cluster

Abaasa/Surowodofo D/A Basic School, Ghana.


Aberhill Primary School, Scotland.


Anne Marie Javouhey School, Dakar, Senegal.


Balcurvie Primary School, Scotland.


Bat's Wood, Scotland.


Denbeath Primary School, Scotland.


Levenmouth Academy, Scotland.


Mboni Secondary School, Tanzania.


Methilhill Children's Community Initiative, Scotland.


Mountfleurie Primary School, Scotland.


The Leven Programme, Scotland.


O.P Jindal School, India

Levenmouth Academy

Nations United (2020)

This is a nice video which brings things right up to date.

What is Sustainable Development?

Watch this little UNICEF video!

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