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Teaching with "Explore the Global Goals"

We have developed the "Explore the Global Goals" from Scotdec: Resources – Scotdec.

We are also sharing online asynchronous CPD training that goes with the resources. These go over the essential lesson features of "Explore the Global Goals" for both Primary and Secondary. Click the link to get the full CPD on Microsoft Forms - you can use them for free for yourself or to deliver CPD to your team. If you found using this saved you time, please consider making a donation to this charity!

The great thing about an asynchronous CPD is you can do it on the bus. I mean, literally on your phone whenever and wherever you like. We have gotten pretty Zoom-ed out over the last few months let's face it and the last thing I want to try and do it talk my way through 17 SDGs in a Zoom. So I made this in January 2021 during the lockdown and now you can hear my presentations whenever you like and record that you have done it by saving the very simple 'lesson rating' activities! By the end of the 30-45 minutes you will know how to use 90% of the lesson activities in the Scotdec Explore the Global Goals

Explore the Global Goals

I went through the very useful A5 Explore the GGs teacher's booklets, the Primary and the Secondary ones are about the same so I put them together for easy reference. These simple postcard packs give a quick and easy guide to the resources - I suggest you start with them and the CPD thing mentioned above.

resource box

Putting the Resource Box Together.

Each resource box contained:

Large Stencils Colouring Pencils
Bankers Box to put it in Uncooked Spaghetti
Marshmallows Elastic bands
Playing cards 1kg Chocolate Buttons (essential)
20ft Play Parachute PPE Gloves
Litter Pickers (x2) Ringbinder for printables (+ £10 worth of printing)
Polypockets Strong tape
A5 Binder Ping pong balls
Card game Beach Ball Globe for warm ups.

If you want a shopping list for 5 boxes then use the Excel file below!

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