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National 4 Rural Skills

at Levenmouth Academy

What is a National 4 in Rural Skills?


This is an entry level qualification in Estate Maintenance, Crop Production, Soft Landscaping and Land-based Industries. This basic qualification has highly practical aspects with an emphasis on outdoor learning experiences. In this course, pupils will learn employability skills and take part in many trips out of school to gain first hand experience of land-based industries, farms and Elmwood College. In this course, they will see Bat's Wood through the year and see crops through the seasons and they will also be involved in the work of this charity as it continues to grow.

Unit 1: Estate Maintenance


4 Estate Maintenance Tasks (examples only)


Build a dry stone wall.


Dig a drainage ditch.


Repair a fence.



Make a compost box.


The safe use, care and storage of 10 tools commonly used in estate maintenance.




Unit 4: Crop Production

Prepare soil, propagate and plant crops. Tend crops and understand basic horticulture.
Chitting potatos

Chitting potatos

Unit 2: Land-based Industries.


Pupils will visit local land-based industries and find out about them.

They will prepare a small presentation of their work digitally and be able to show an understanding of the jobs done there.

New land

Unit 3: Soft Landscaping

Plant tree. Care for tree.
New soft

Rural Skills is EPIC

Rural Skills Coursework

The photos below were taken during the N4 course this year.

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