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The Leven Programme.


What is The Leven?

The Leven Competition, June 2020.

Pupils from Levenmouth Academy were given the opportunity to enter The Leven Competition, run by The Leven with the help of a Levenmouth teacher, Mr Zuill. The task was to draw a 'sensory map' (aka 'cognitive map') of a walk near the River Leven which they often take. Here are some of the responses we got. You can see more of them here.

Best Entries!


Blog post 12th February 2020

Report on the Leven Programme Consultation Event at the Caledonian Hotel, Leven.


Downloadable Report on the Leven.

The leven competition

During lockdown Mr Zuill gave all the pupils of levenmouth a chance to win £50 amazon voucher if they entered the leven competition. For this competition you had to make a sensory map but there were alternative options including making a video and describing what you heard and saw throughout the walk, you could make a tik tok or you can make a live model of a walk in your local area and submit it to Mr Zuil and then Mr Zuill would chose 1st 2nd 3rd and special shootouts. Mr zuil would also pick two people from a hat and they would also win a voucher for entering the competition. If you would like to see the youtube video were he announces the winners i will link the youtube video in a couple days

The Leven

Posted on: 11-Feb-2020 by
The Leven
It runs from Loch Leven to the Levenmouth Estuary. 

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