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Biodiversity - learning and monitoring.

Teach yourself about the Biodiversity of Bat's Wood!

Each link below takes you to a simple learning activity!

BW101 Identifying Wildflowers 1

A really simple training tool for remembering wildflowers.

Starring: Red Campion, Yarrow, Selfheal and the ubiquitous Daisy!

Suitable for everyone!



[Click here for activity.]

BW102 Identifying Wildflowers 2

The 2nd simple training tool for identifying wildflowers.

Starring: Greater Hawkbit, Lady's Bedstraw, Birdsfoot Trefoil & Field Scabious!

Suitable for everyone! 



[Click here for activity.]

BW103 Identifying Wildflowers 3

The 3rd simple training tool for identifying wildflowers.

Starring: greater knapweed & kidney vetch!

Includes a special REVIEW QUIZ of the 10 wildflowers studied so far.

Suitable for people who paid attention in BW101 and BW102 (ha ha ha!),

contains annoying messages for people who put wrong answers! 



[Click here for activity.]

BW001 Wildlife Identification

A simple activity about some beasties found in Bat's Wood. 

Contains: Soldier beetles, sailor beetles, black clock beetles and others!    

Suitable for everyone!




[ Click here for activity.]

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