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The Eco-Committee at Levenmouth Academy.

Why Levenmouth Academy has an Eco-Committee.

EDITORS: Please write some content for this space introducing the Eco-Committee :)



Write something about the April 2019 Declaration of a Climate Emergency.

Write something about how we need to do more to protect nature.

Write something how the Committee has a role to play in the School Exchange project.

The Eco-Committee Action Plan (3 topics)

Mr Z says: "You know when I said this was supposed to be pupil lead? Well, it looks like the 'deciding what to do' has already been done' there's so much coming out of 'School Exchange' and already what we're doing out of Bat's Wood and Outdoor Learning, that almost nothing new is required by the formation of our Eco-Committee. We just need to scale the work up so it's the whole school and have fun somehow doing it. YAY! "



Biodiversity      Litter      School Grounds

1. Citizens of Bat's Wood




1. Junior Groundskeepers

(Jayden and Connor)


1. Place Standard Survey



2. Use this microscope to find life.  


2. Ecobricks Project 

(Lea & Courtney)

  2. Wild Grounds Project
3. Air Quality (Lichen survey)  


3. Community Clean Up

(part of school exchange)

  3. Qualitative Survey


Community Members on the Eco-Committee

We are supposed to have at least one, preferably 3, community members on the Eco-committee.

Mr Zuill wants volunteers or, your nominations! Please email: duncan.zuill@fife.gov.uk

Note: we imagine this will be email participation for the foreseeable future. This will not be a huge burden. 


Contact the Eco-Committee




Please retype (click to listen)

Please note: we do not retain personal details from this form

Funding Application

We can apply for £250 pounds worth of funding. When you are on the Eco-committee you can help decide how that money is spent!

Levenmouth Academy pupils can join the Eco-Committee here:

Click on the Microsoft Forms link below (if you are an Levenmouth Academy pupil) and fill in this short application form.

The Levenmouth Academy Eco-code


Bat's Wood already has a Aims and a Mission Statement, let's keep the number of promises and resolutions we make to a bare minimum.  I propose the following Code:

"Respect life!" 

What do you think? Of course, we'd need some simple art to go with it! According to the rules the Code should also...

• Be displayed on your Eco-Schools noticeboard and prominently throughout the school.

Our noticeboard is in the corridor outside A210. 


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