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Bat’s Wood is a volunteer-run charity with the aim of making the most of Bat’s Wood (the left-over playing field land behind Levenmouth Academy, Buckhaven, Fife) and its local environment. Its aims are growing and building in sustainable ways. Firstly, growing a beautiful, biodiverse wood, an orchard and permaculture vegetables for the community and school to use. Secondly, building and managing a mountain bike track for all ages and abilities. Bat’s Wood helps pupils achieve National 4 Rural Skills, John Muir Awards and Personal Development Awards, it give people a real-world project to make their own. Environmental education and outdoor learning has a track record of lowering anxiety and developing confidence, as well as the basic practical skills used in land-based industries such as gardening, drystone dyking, forestry and construction

aerial photo courtesy of Kris Fraser


Visit by Government Minister rumours...
So far we're not saying anything about the rumoured visit of a government minister to Bat's Wood, we're being very tight lipped about it, click on this link to find out what we know...  [website

The Bat Awards!
Find out who has made it to the Hall of Fame this month!  [website

John Muir Trust features our work!
Click here to see the article on the John Muir Trust website!  [website

We won GREEN PLAN IT 2019
Overall Winners (jointly) at the Royal Botanic Gardens, we attempted to get a grant to put our dream garden plan into reality. Find out the status this grant application click here:  [website

See the Bike Track Design!
It's going to be there one day!  [download



A very quick look - with drone footage!


We have 3 aims:

1. Protect the environment by growing a beautiful wood.


2. Feed the community by growing fruit and vegetables.


3. Promote cycling by building and maintaining a mountain bike track.


Mission Statement

We regenerate our community and create community assets through environmental action.


We plant trees to develop a scenic woodland for walkers, a wind-break for the playing fields and a place of environmental benefit.


We explore the developing ecology of the wood and educate ourselves about biodiversity.


We grow our orchards and forest gardens to provide local food for the community.


We use permaculture & organic techniques and develop expertise in sustainable gardening practices.


We promote cycling by the planned development of a mountain bike track to compliment the local cycle network.


We want to build great track that will inspire local cyclists and also attract visitors from all over Fife.  

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