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This page gives links to groups, organizations and people we've had something to do with; it's an endorsement of them from us - they're totally brilliant and we want to do more of the stuff we've been doing with them. Click on their boxes to be taken to their websites.


Our source of purple ink!

Bat's Wood was given its initial kickstart by visionaries at Levenmouth Academy who in 2017 allocated £7200 of funding towards planting the orchard and outdoor learning arrangements. We continue to have strong links with the Academy and work closely with them to support Rural Skills, John Muir Awards and various projects such as Forested Schools: Rewilding Unused Playing Field Land.




CLEAR Buckhaven and Methil

We wouldn't be here without them.

CLEAR Buckhaven and Methil were here before us, here when we started and over these last few years the help they've given us has helped us along the way. 



The Leven Project

Because we're near the River Leven.

This is an ambitious campaign to make better use of the ecological services provided by the River Leven. What should we do about the riverbank?



Scotland's Finest Woods Awards

They liked our trees.

Every year they put up Awards for people growing trees - how cool is that?



The Clinton Global Initiative University

An International Dimension

Supporters of our 'Forested Schools: Rewilding unused playing field land in Fife, Scotland' initiative the Bill Clinton Foundation deserves a mention!


Learning for Sustainability Scotland

Our favourite NGO.

Scotland’s Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development – acknowledged by the United Nations University. 

Our "Bat" Chair, Duncan Zuill will be a member of the Steering Group of this NGO until 2022.


Falkland Centre for Stewardship

Cool people, good projects.

Over 20 pupils have taken part in activities in Falkland and at Silverburn Park. They help advise us on aspects of safety and outdoor learning activities.





Green Plan It (RoHS)

A great challenge for would be designers.

We've entered this for the last 2 years. Really good challenge! 

Green Plan It




Fife Cycle Speedway

The races is on...

We are in the Fife Cycle Speedway leagues... in it to win it, one day...


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The Bat Conservation Trust

We like bats.

Some of our members also attend the regular Bat Talks/walks organized by the Fife and Kinross Bat Group.


Silverburn Park

Nice little wood.

We like to visit and have a look at how the wood is getting along.


Greener Kirkcaldy

Tool library.

A nice charity in nearby Kirkcaldy, a source of gardening tools, energy-saving advice and lots more.


The Bayview Shed

Men's Shed Activist and Colleague.

Ken White's just starting with his Men's Shed campaign down at Bayview Stadium - we wish him well and one day we might have a shed too! Click for Facebook page.

The Campaign for School Gardening (RoHS)

We can grow this!

A massive source of expertise and information. A reliable source of encouragement for school gardens.

Royal Horticultural Society Campaign for School Gardening.


Elmwood College

Our Rural Skills partner.

This college has rural skills programmes which offer progression for our pupils and opportunities to develop their understanding of rural skills based work.

Woodbank Farm

We visit, we learn from the farmers.


Friendly folk, they take some of our pupils around and show them how a commercial farm operates. Really interesting place!


Blacketyside Farm

We visit, we learn from the farmers.


Friendly folk they take some of our pupils around and show them how a commercial farm operates. Really interesting place!


Lochore Meadows Countryside Park

Mountain bikes and water sports!


They put the 'joi de vivre' into outdoor learning, when we're sick of hard work and deserve a break this is where we want to go!


Did we miss anyone?

Let us know...


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