The Planning Stage.

NOTE: There is no track available to ride at the moment.

The Idea

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How does an idea like this start? Levenmouth Academy pupil Liam Gartshore has some claim to have thought of it first. Duncan Zuill also claims to have had the idea while watching a former pupil doing a wheelie on black ice in front of on-coming traffic. And there are others, but perhaps it is the site itself which suggests a bike track. Levenmouth has a healthy bike culture due to it's somewhat extensive rural layout on the coast and also the fact that Levenmouth has the lowest level of car ownership per capita in Scotland.    


Front Page of the Design

In January 2018, Tom Durham of Collective Trax wrote the first consultation on the case for a mountain bike track at Bat's Wood. Tom is an expert in the field of track design and wrote up his findings that indeed Bat's Wood could be an excellent site for a mountain bike track. In December 2018, a follow-up, updated consultation was made. And finally, after a lot of work, we have by the end of October 2019 finished the design. Here with quantities, likely costs and many of the helpful details we need, we are super excited to present:

The Track Design (click here)

The Support


In the Spring of 2019, Bat's Wood entered and won £5000 from the Community Lead Improvements for Methil and Buckhaven (CLIMB) Fund which, through participatory budgeting established that the idea of a community bike track rings true with local people. It was a close thing, and pupil Jack Drummond gave a cracking speech to win the money for the project.

Now Tom has been invited back to complete a fully costed design for the best bike track for Bat's Wood.

The Design

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We want an epic bike track!

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The bike track will have:

A Beginner's Loop.

A Singletrack Loop.

A Flow Trail.

A Technical Section (Red)

There will be something for everyone!

Full details will be published here soon.

Note: the building in the satellite photo was demolished in 2015. There are no buildings near Bat's Wood.

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