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Climate Beacon for COP26 - Glasgow, Nov 2021

A better world: Creative Commissions for the climate

The British Council has announced the launch of 17 creative commissions that explore climate change, this page is dedicated to the School Exchange commission. More information can be found on the British Council's site, linked below.

Levenmouth Academy will be completing Science and Art activities with Crystal Mountain School in Nepal to highlight climate change.

[ website ]

Beacon Action: The Coal App

A small team of enthusiasts are working on a heritage walk making content for the Coal App.

One of our Beacon activities is to celebrate and preserve our heritage while the world changes drastically, things must move away from carbon fast but this should not turn our mining communities into deserts! Remembering the past is essential to thinking about the future!

Beacon Action: Wild School Grounds

Levenmouth Academy's nothing is better than something idea! We're letting the grass grow under our feet!

What is the point of cutting grass endlessly when we don't have giant snooker balls to roll around on it? Rewilding unused playing field land is a very easy carbon saving measure and there are many, many environmental and social benefits to do this!

Meeting with Susanne about COP26 and the Climate beacon!

Yesterday, the Eco Committee had a meeting to discuss COP26, the climate beacon, future plans and a Tik Tok for the Eco Committee! The meeting went well, and the Tik Tok should be ready soon.

The Fife Beacon

Levenmouth Academy is partnering with SEPA, Fife Council's Leven Programme and ONFife to help COP26 be a success!

Eco-committee convenor Mr Zuill and Chair Rhiannon Grant took part in an interview to fight Fife's corner to become a Climate Beacon. The Ecocommitte was right behind them all the way.

The Eco-committee is:

Chair: Rhiannon Grant.

Vice Chair / SLT Comms: Aidan Cooper

Secretary: Duaa Ali

Reporter: Sophie Robb

Campaigner: Ami Pearson, Oliver Sibthorp

Photographers: Robert O’Brien, Katie Goodwin

Chief Webpage Editor: Sonny Anderson

Gardener: Andrew Paterson

ENWS Science Officer: Bethany Scott

ENWS Art Officers: Calum Gouck, Samarra-Jo Glen

ENWS Comms Officer: Bethany Downes

ENWS Litter Analysis Unit: Jayden Taylor, Connor Francis.

The Green Swan

Sasha Dench has completed her 3,000 mile trip around Britain in her electric paramotor, and safely landed at Levenmouth Academy!

Sasha Dench, nicknamed "The human swan", began her journey on the 31st of June and concluded it today, the 6th of September at Levenmouth. The event's purpose was to generate awareness on climate change, and to mark the Cop26 UN climate change conference, taking place in Glasgow this year. 

Upon landing, Sasha was greeted by photographers and members of the eco commitee. She removed her gear once we reached the gazebo, and two of the members of the members of the eco commitee were lucky enough to be able to wear the gear for a short while!

Rhiannon, chair of the eco commitee, welcomed Sasha with a speech who in return told the audience about what she was doing and why. Afterwards, SGN's Director of Energy told us about what they are doing to become more carbon neutral, which is to provide energy to homes using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels.

The eco commitee were glad to be able to be a part of such a great event, and to be able to contribute to such a great cause.

rhiannon with the electric paramotor

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